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Starting a Business in Delaware

Delaware has gained a reputation for being the best, the simplest, and company-friendly state in the world to establish a business. 65% of the Fortune 500 list and almost more than 50% of the companies that are actively operating in the USA are established in Delaware. Many new entrepreneurs are choosing the state of Delaware each passing day to start their businesses.

What are the Advantages of Incorporating in Delaware?

The legal and liability assurance the state of Delaware offers to its companies cannot be compared to the conditions offered by other states. These benefits have turned the state of Delaware into the capital of starting a business in the USA.

One of the primary advantages of starting a business in Delaware is the tax savings provided by the state. Companies established in Delaware do not pay;

  • the state income tax for their out-of-state businesses,
  • the property tax if they are not Delaware residents,
  • and the corporate sales tax.
  • Nonresident individuals who are exempt from their taxes don’t pay Delaware income tax for their stocks.
  • Moreover, companies operating out-of-state don’t have to get a business license in Delaware.

In a large-scale survey conducted by the American Institute for Legal Reform in 2015, Delaware took the first place in the liability system. According to the experts, this is because the state of Delaware has the unique, powerful, experienced, and company-friendly commercial courts called “Delaware’s Court of Chancery”.

Company Confidentiality in Delaware

The company owners in the state of Delaware can provide their confidentiality with the agreement made in-house. This confidentiality is provided by the operating agreement prepared within the corporation. The meeting held by the partners determines the owners of a company. Also, writing the names of the company partners on the certificate of formation is not obligatory. Thus, it is aimed to protect the company owners. Besides, companies are not liable to publicly share information related to their employees. All the operations conducted in the state of Delaware are made publicly. Delaware Registered Agents share personal information only to perform legal processes and as long as there are legal requirements.

Why Delaware?

The state of Delaware provides many different conveniences;

  • You don’t need to be a resident of Delaware to start your business.
  • As long as you carry out your operations through us, your address doesn’t have to be located in the state of Delaware.
  • Compared to the worldwide applications, company establishment and the post-formation processes in Delaware are highly favorable.
  • A single individual can have full authority and liability and perform all the processes as the company owner.
  • Entrepreneurs and investors prefer the companies established in Delaware more than the companies incorporated in any other state.
  • The board of directors and the managers of a joint-stock company established in Delaware can designate the prices of shares they would like to sell.

Considering all the benefits, the state of Delaware offers all the conveniences a company needs. You can also easily have your company in a state that offers all the conveniences a company owner looks for. 

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