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Workhy offers all the services you may require while opening a branch office in Germany and afterwards.

Branch in Germany without Residence Permit

Branch in Germany without Residence Permit

File your application online and start the procedures to open a branch office remotely by power of attorney. You can complete all the steps required to open a branch in Germany through Workhy, and you can view your branch registration certificate and all other documents afterward.

Information on Tax Issues

Learn all about the relevant tax obligations in Germany and what you are required to do. Lose no time in finding out about the changes in German and European Union tax laws that may affect your branch. Always stay up to date with email notifications and calendar integratio


Email Notifications

Don't forget to check your inbox regularly to carry out administrative activities in your branch office in Germany without delay.


Calendar Integration

With calendar integration, always keep track of dates that are important for business owners who have branch offices in Germany.

Services that will add value to your business in Germany.

Online Bank Account
Receive payment for the services or products you offer to the bank account in Germany to be opened online by Workhy on your behalf. Thanks to our global business partners such as PayPal, Stripe, and Wise, you can easily make international money transfers.
Financial Services
As a part of our annual bookkeeping package, enjoy the VAT bookkeeping and consultancy services offered by Workhy contracted accountants in Germany. Thanks to this service, you can have your VAT returns handled meticulously by your bookkeeper in Germany.
Workhy enables you to complete your VAT, EORI, and IOSS registrations, which are required in order to engage in commercial activities within the European Union.
You can receive consultancy services from Workhy's expert business partners in Germany on taxes, IOSS, OSS, VAT, customs, and logistics.

Customer Service

Get in touch with Workhy's solution-oriented customer service team. You can contact us via email to get detailed information about the services we offer and your branch office in Germany. You can also reach out to us via other communication channels from 9 am to 6 pm UTC+3 on weekdays.