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Workhy helps with every step of setting up a company in Estonia so that you can grow your business hassle-free with professional support.

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How it Works?

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    Register with Workhy Now!

    Register with Workhy in minutes, provide the necessary information and documents, and enjoy the convenience of quickly establishing a company in Estonia.

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    Sign Your Documents

    Give your approval by signing via e-Residency the company establishment petition prepared by our team in line with your provided information. After your establishment fee is paid, your petition will be forwarded to the relevant authority in Estonia.

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    You're Ready to Manage Your Company

    Congratulations! You're now a business owner in Estonia! After your approved company formation documents are uploaded to your Workhy account, you can start managing your Estonia-based company online from anywhere in the world.

Advantages of establishing a company in Estonia.

Online Company Establishment

It is possible to establish a company and open a bank account online without traveling to Estonia.


Thanks to the e-Residency system in Estonia, you can manage your company online, sign the necessary documents, and pay taxes from anywhere in the world.

Tax Exemption

VAT exemption of up to €40,000 in taxable income within 1 year provides a significant advantage for small entrepreneurs establishing a company in Estonia.

Advanced Startup Ecosystem

In Estonia, which has a developed startup ecosystem, the number of angel investors and incubation centers is much higher than in other countries in the European Union.

Visa Ease

Teams with technology or software-based business ideas can obtain a residence and work permit for 1-3 years without a language test or interview with an Estonian startup visa.

0% Corporate Tax

In Estonia, no corporate tax is collected on undistributed and reinvested profits. Thanks to this tax exemption, you can expand your company by using the profit you earn for investment purposes. In case of profit sharing, the corporate tax rate is 20%.

We Support You
Manage all the processes of your company in Estonia on a single platform.

Company Estabilishment

Start your company establishment process in the Netherlands quickly and safely with Workhy and complete all processes efficiently. Digitally view and download documents related to your company at any time.

Tax Processes

Get support from Workhy for your company's accounting and tax processes in Estonia. Your tax returns will be prepared by our contracted accountants in line with the information and documents you will submit.

Workhy is with you for all your business needs in Estonia.

Legal Address and Contact Person

Obtain the legal address and contact personnel required for company establishment in Estonia at the prestigious location offered by Workhy in Estonia.

Online Bank Account Opening

Let your bank account in Estonia be opened online by Workhy. With our partners, such as PayPal, Stripe, and Wise, make your international money transfers as you wish.


Easily complete the EORI registration required to export and import in all European Union member countries, including the UK.


Let Workhy register IOSS on your behalf to comply with the tax obligations regarding the distance sales of products imported into the European Union.


Obtain the VAT number required by all companies trading in European Union member countries with Workhy.

Financial Services

Get fixed asset accounting and consultancy services in Estonia with our accounting packages. Let Workhy prepare your income tax and social tax declarations for contracted representatives.

Get started with your company establishment process in Estonia now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can start your company establishment procedures in Estonia through a power of attorney without obtaining an e-Residency. If you obtain an e-Residency until the tax declaration period, you can confirm your declarations with an e-Residency. If you do not receive e-Residency, you can complete these transactions through a power of attorney. It may take up to 8 weeks for your e-residency application to be finalized.
As in every country, you will need accounting support in Estonia. According to the tax system, you must start paying taxes in Estonia once money is released from your account. It may seem complicated because tax periods are monthly, and the tax system is national. By getting accounting support, you can leave dealing with these issues to professionals and focus entirely on growing your business.
The Value Added Tax, or VAT, in the European Union is a general, broadly based consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods and services. The main criterion for VAT is to be a taxpayer. Taxpayers are responsible for adding VAT to their products and services, calculating prices accordingly, keeping the relevant documents, and paying VAT. In Estonia, VAT registration is mandatory for company owners with an income of more than 16,000 Euros. Although the standard VAT rate is 20%, this rate can decrease to 9% or 0% in various cases.
The e-Residency system offers the opportunity to carry out all transactions regarding your company online in Estonia, but it is only valid electronically. In addition, there are various visa types you can apply for if you establish a company in Estonia. For your questions about residence permits, contacting experts who provide visa consultancy will be helpful.
To open an online bank account in Estonia and receive payments, you must have a company and a legal address.