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Company Formation Package

With E-Residency ID


Setting up a company with e-residency ID

Estonian OÜ (osaühing) - Limited Liability or Private Limited Company

Fully operational EU company

Unlimited number of members (shareholders)

€190 including the state fee

Online bank account / IBAN

Company Formation Package

With Power of Attorney


Setting up a company with power of attorney

Estonian OÜ (osaühing) - Limited Liability or Private Limited Company

Fully operational EU company

Unlimited number of members (shareholders)

€190 including the state fee

Online bank account / IBAN

Notary and translation services


€49 / Month

Bank account reconciliation for up to 20 entries

Fixed asset accounting

Income and social tax filings

Intra-community turnover statement

Monthly consultation

Registered Address and Contact Person

Retrospective VAT Filing

€15 / Month

Use our prestigious location and team in Estonia as your company's legally required business address and contact person.

VAT Registration


Obtain your VAT number to operate in the European Union. Let us handle your VAT returns on your behalf every three months.

EORI Registration


Obtain an EORI number and be eligible to import and export within or outside the EU.

IOSS Registration (The Import One-Stop Shop)


Obtain your IOSS number to be eligible to use an Import One-Stop Shop.

In certain cases, additional fees may apply with your consent.



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Frequently Asked Questions

No, with our plan, you can start the registration process without e-Residency. We can set up your company through our business partners with a power of attorney. If you receive e-Residency before the tax season, you can approve your filings via e-Residency. If you do not obtain e-Residency before the tax season, the filing submissions will be made via proxy. The e-Residency application can take up to 6 weeks to process.
You will need accounting in Estonia as well as in other countries. As per the tax system, you must start paying taxes to the Estonian government as soon as your company has cash outflow. Since tax seasons are monthly, national, and local, the system in the country is somewhat complex. By getting bookkeeping support, you can entrust these issues to professionals and focus on your business.
Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax in Estonia levied on business activities involving the supply of goods and services. Being a taxable person is the primary criterion for VAT. A taxable person is someone who engages in a business activity. A taxable person is obliged to add VAT according to the taxable values of the services or products offered, to calculate the VAT according to the payment, to store the relevant documents, and to pay VAT. The threshold for mandatory registration for VAT in Estonia is €16,000. The threshold for a taxable person with limited liability in the case of the acquisition of goods is €10,000. The taxable period in Estonia is one calendar month. The standard rate of VAT in Estonia is 20%, the reduced rate is 9%, and in some cases it is 0%.
Although e-Residency is associated with e-Citizenship, it is valid only in electronic environment. It offers you the opportunity to carry out all activities related to your business online. If you establish a company in Estonia, you can apply for different types of visas. You can discuss this issue with visa advisors or legal experts.
In order to open an online bank account in Estonia or to make transactions with other payment institutions, you must have a company and an address in Estonia.
We utilize the highest level of system security to safeguard our hosting and technical infrastructure. Using a world-class network to power our services, we ensure data security as well as physical security, and update our security policies and practices in line with our evaluation of changing conditions.