Move Your Company to Germany with Workhy

It is very easy with Workhy to move your existing company to Germany, get a tax number in Germany and do business in Germany!
Complete your registration from wherever you are and let your processes be finished quickly.

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We offer you an end-to-end solution for opening a non-residential branch in Germany, obtaining a VAT number and managing all the processes you may need afterwards.

We are with you in all processes such as establishment of a non-residential branch, VAT registration, pre-accounting program, online bank account opening service.

  • Register Now

    Register Now

    Create a pre-request to Workhy within 10 minutes from wherever you are by uploading the required information and documents.

  • Submit Your Company Details

    Submit Your Company Details

    Submit the details of the company which we will establish for you.

  • Sign Your Documents

    Sign Your Documents

    Sign your incorporation petition and power of attorney prepared with the information you have submitted. Your signed petition is forwarded to the German Tax Office.

  • You’re Good to Go

    You’re Good to Go

    Congratulations, everything is ready for your company now! Your approved body document has been sent to you. You can start all your activity.

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What did our customers say?

Our company was established in 1 day while we were in Istanbul. We established our company in the U.K. without ever going to the U.K., without getting tired in Istanbul.

Şener Soysal, Baht. Design Studio

Establish your branch in Germany from wherever you are.

Track your non-resident branch establishment, bank accounts, documents and statements online from a single platform.

Almanya'da Şirket Kurmak

Non-Resident Branch Establishment

After you fill out all the application documents online, your branch establishment petition and power of attorney are uploaded to your account, and your application is made when you complete the signing process. You can follow the establishment stages through the Workhy application, and when the process is completed, you can view your company documents and all other documents.

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Customer Support

You can reach our customer support team on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM for any problems you may have about taxes or financial matters.