Online company formation and accounting management services in the Netherlands with Workhy

Register with Workhy online, and submit the necessary documents and information to start your company formation process in the Netherlands right away. Let your application be processed after the incorporation documents are prepared with the information you have provided. Complete and follow all stages of your company formation online wherever you are. Here are some of the advantages you will benefit from by using Workhy.

Document Follow-Ups

Store all your documents digitally, including the certificate of incorporation and business-related documents such as VAT records or employee files. Display, download, and print them anytime you want.

Status Follow-Ups

You can follow all the steps online through a single platform while we complete all the procedures in your company establishment process on your behalf.

Additional Services

Business Address

Use the prestigious location that Workhy offers in the Netherlands for your business address, which is required for company establishment.

Opening an Online Bank Account

Apply via your mobile phone or computer, and we'll help you open an online bank account in the Netherlands so you can make your transfers as you wish.


You can apply for VAT registration of your company in the Netherlands via Workhy. If you wish, your monthly VAT returns can also be prepared by our accountants in the Netherlands.


You can obtain the required numbers with the help of Workhy in order to be able to trade and ship products comfortably within the European Union.

Workhy Services

  • Company Formation

    After you fill out all the application documents online, our expert team will contact you. After the company structure is determined and the documents that need approval are notarized, your application is submitted to the Dutch authorities. You can follow the company establishment stages online through Workhy's platform, and you can display your certificate of incorporation with all other business-related documents when the process is completed.

  • Tax-Related Transactions

    Administrative processes regarding your company's tax and financial matters are followed and carried out by Workhy if you want. You will be informed about changes in tax laws in the Netherlands and what you need to do accordingly. You always make sure you have up-to-date information.

  • Customer Support

    You can reach our customer support team on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM for any problems you may have about taxes or financial matters.