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Workhy is your one-stop solution for company establishment in the Netherlands: You can run all processes online from home.


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How it Works?

Make an application. Get a price quote. Build your company.

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    Register with Workhy Now!

    Register with Workhy in minutes, provide the necessary information and documents, and enjoy the convenience of quickly establishing a company in the Netherlands.

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    Sign Your Documents

    Sign the documents prepared per your provided information before submitting them to a notary for approval. After your set-up fee is paid, your application will be forwarded to the relevant authority in the Netherlands.

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    You're Ready to Manage Your Company

    Congratulations! You're now a business owner in the Netherlands! After your approved company formation documents are uploaded to your Workhy account, you can start managing your Netherlands-based company online from anywhere in the world.

Advantages of establishing a company in the Netherlands

Expanding the Marketplace

The Netherlands is the world's 4th largest exporting and 6th largest importing country.

Online Company Establishment

Establishing a company and opening a bank account online without going to the Netherlands is possible.

Fast Company Establishment

Company establishment procedures are speedy. For certain types of companies, completing the company formation process within only seven working days is possible.

Visa Ease

You can apply for a Netherlands start-up visa if you have an innovative business idea. This visa is for 1 year, and it is possible to extend the visa for 2 years and then apply for a residence permit if the necessary conditions are met.

Tax Discount

New entrepreneurs who meet the necessary conditions can benefit from tax deductions.

Location Advantage

Due to the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the Netherlands is one of the most developed countries in the world regarding logistics.

We Support You
Manage all your company's processes in the Netherlands on a single platform.

Company Estabilishment

Start your company establishment process in the Netherlands quickly and safely with Workhy and complete all processes efficiently. Digitally view and download documents related to your company at any time.

Tax Processes

Get support from Workhy for your company's accounting and tax processes in the Netherlands. Your tax returns will be prepared by our contracted accountants in line with the information and documents you will submit.

Workhy is with you for all your business needs in the Netherlands.

Company Establishment

You can carry out your company establishment transactions in the Netherlands safely and quickly with Workhy. You can apply online and then efficiently complete the whole process on a single platform.

Legal Address

You can obtain your business address and contact information, which are mandatory for the establishment, from the prestigious locations of Workhy in the Netherlands.

Accounting Management

You can benefit from our accounting management support service through legal obligations for your company established in the Netherlands.

Consulting Service

You can benefit from our hourly consultancy service from our experts in the Netherlands. With this consultancy, you can get advice on visa, tax, and company establishment issues.

Get started with your company establishment process in the Netherlands now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can set up and manage your company online without traveling to the Netherlands. Once you have the necessary documents notarized, apostilled, and delivered to our office in the Netherlands, we can carry out all the establishment procedures on your behalf.
Just as you need accounting support in every country, you will also need accounting in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, corporate taxes and VAT are declared at the year's end. In addition, you must submit all your sales within Europe to the tax office through monthly reports. By getting accounting support, you can leave these issues to professionals and focus on your business.
VAT is a tax that operates similarly to VAT in Turkey. This tax is imposed on the supply of goods and services for business activities in the Netherlands. The main criterion for VAT is the requirement to be a tax person. A tax person is a person who is registered in a business activity. The tax person must add VAT according to the taxable value of the services or products provided, calculate the VAT according to the payment, keep the documents, and pay the VAT in the amount s/he is liable for.
If you establish a company in the Netherlands, this does not give you direct residence or any visa rights. However, establishing a company may provide an advantage for the Schengen visa. We recommend you discuss this issue with visa or legal consultant experts to manage your visa processes.
To open an online bank account in the Netherlands or make transactions with other payment-receiving institutions, you must have a company and legal address in the Netherlands.