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Company Formation Package

Company Establishment in the Netherlands


Chamber of Commerce fee

Municipal application fee

Dutch notary fees

VAT application

EORI application

Opening an online bank account

Managing Your Finances

€239 / Month

Annual report preparation

VAT filing

Corporate tax filing

Monthly European sales statement

Monthly statistics


Registered Address

€79 / Month

Use our prestigious location in the Netherlands as your company's legally required business address.

Consulting (per hour)

€129 / Hour

It is an hourly consultancy service provided by experts in the Netherlands. You can get consulting services on visas, taxes, and starting a business.

In certain cases, additional fees may apply with your consent.



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Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is possible to establish and manage a company without being physically present in the Netherlands. After you mail out to our office the notarized and apostilled documents requested from you, we can commence the company establishment procedures on your behalf.
You will need accounting in the Netherlands as well as in other countries. In the Netherlands, corporate tax and VAT filings are submitted at the end of the year. In addition, you must submit a report of all your sales in Europe to the tax office on a monthly basis. By getting bookkeeping support, you can entrust these issues to professionals and focus on your business.
Value Added Tax is a tax in the Netherlands levied on business activities involving the supply of goods and services. Being a taxable person is the primary criterion for VAT. A taxable person is someone who engages in a business activity. A taxable person is obliged to add VAT according to the taxable values of the services or products offered, to calculate the VAT according to the payment, to store the relevant documents, and to pay VAT. The standard rate of VAT in the Netherlands is 18%.
Establishing a company in the Netherlands does not automatically entitle you to a residence permit or visa. However, it may facilitate the process of obtaining a Schengen visa, and there are different paths you can take to become a Dutch resident. We recommend you seek consultation from visa experts or legal advisors on all issues related to visas.
In order to open an online bank account in the Netherlands or to make transactions with other payment institutions, you must have a company and an address in the Netherlands.
We utilize the highest level of system security to safeguard our hosting and technical infrastructure. Using a world-class network to power our services, we ensure data security as well as physical security, and update our security policies and practices in line with our evaluation of changing conditions.