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Workhy Plus

Workhy Plus will take care of everything for you regarding pre-accounting. Leave operations such as invoicing and payment tracking to us and spend your valuable time on growth strategies.

How it works



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An Accountant is Assigned

An accountant will be assigned to handle your pre-accounting operations.


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  1. An accountant will be assigned to handle your pre-accounting operations.
  2. Keep track of your company's financial situation through Workhy.
  3. Issue invoices and make payments.
  4. You will be able to keep track of your income and expenses.
  5. Complete bank reconciliations and monitor your account transactions.
  6. Instant communication and notifications.
  7. Monthly reports.
  8. Integration with tax professionals.


Notifications and Reporting
The accountant assigned by Workhy will instantly notify you about all transactions, and if you have any requests, you can contact the accountant via the panel. Also, you can monitor the financial status of your company with daily and monthly reports.
Invoicing and Waybills
Invoices and waybills to be issued to your customers after sales and agreements are prepared by your accountant appointed by Workhy Plus.
Tracking Bank Transactions
You can conveniently view and manage all your bank accounts by company, bank, account, and currency on a single page.
Keep Track of Payments
The regular expenses of your company, such as invoices, rent, taxes, and insurance premiums, are monitored.
Daily Processing of Receipts and Invoices
Your expenses are processed daily for regular and up-to-date accounting. Also, you can keep track of your tax payment dates and plan ahead accordingly.
Keep Track of Checking Accounts
Checking accounts are monitored to view transactions after business activities, such as the sale of products and services to customers and transactions with vendors, etc.
Inventory Tracking
Your inventory is regularly monitored to avoid any possible problems with the supply chain.
Video Conference
You can have weekly 30-minute video conferences with your accountant.

Do you have questions?

If you have questions about Workhy Plus or our other services, you can contact our team whenever you like.