Mali Müşavirler için Mükellef

Streamline Your Job with Workhy

Any financial advisor who wishes can use the Workhy application. You can follow your customers' accountancy service via the simple interface of Workhy and reduce your workload.

Workhy offers you the technological infrastructure in which you can give the most comprehensive accountancy service in Turkey. All of the Workhy users work with the real financial advisors, that is, you.

What Can Workhy Do for You?

We look forward to you using Workhy. You can manage your taxpayers from one place. You don't bother with collections. All the invoices and receipts are uploaded from the electronic environment. We notify the customers about the deadlines of declarations.

The best part of all of these is that you are with your taxpayers while they grow their business. You facilitate the life of dozens of companies when you start using Workhy. Use Workhy to optimize your offered services, strengthen your consultancy services, and grow.

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How does it work?

Let’s Meet!

We would like to get to know you better. If you want to carry out your taxpayers' operations with Workhy's infrastructure, create a pre-request. We’ll contact you as soon as we review your requests.

Your taxpayers

Your taxpayers will record incomes and expenses using the bookkeeping app. It sends electronic invoices and makes collections easily. Thanks to the bank integrations, the whole process is now managed online.


You have control of your taxpayers' registered documents with the simple interface of Workhy. After making out their declarations, you upload them to the system so that your taxpayer can be notified automatically.

Save Time

Let your collections be made automatically. Follow all the documents online. Both you and your taxpayer can save time.