Workhy offers you a wonderful experience from your company's establishment to the management of your financial processes.

An app in which you can manage all of your financial processes via an end-to-end internet connection. Everything you need is now on a single platform!

Here it is;

How to Start

Your application is completed with the information you fill in on the Workhy application.

Company Establishment Processes

It takes 10 seconds to register on Workhy. If you want Workhy to complete your establishment processes, we will be requesting a couple of documents and up-to-date information from you (See our Frequently Asked Questions page for information and documents). You can upload all the documents via your computer or mobile device. After we receive the required documents, we complete your processes on the following business day at the latest. All you need to do is to be present at your office when the tax authority comes for the mandatory inspection.

Our Services

All the applications you will need during your company establishment or after are at your disposal.


We handle the applications on behalf of you so that you can use e-Invoice, e-Arşiv Invoice, and e-Self-employed receipts solutions through the special integrators of the leading e-transformation companies of Turkey.


We're ready for you to make your accountancy transactions easy and fast. You can start using it through the "Accountancy" tab without waiting.

Other Processes

You can receive more information from your financial advisors about everything you wonder about in terms of the processes you need for the financial issues such as the company establishment, youth entrepreneurship support, SSI, Bağ-Kur (Social Security Organization for Artisans and Self-Employed), tax, or payrolling.

What We Need

We need you to upload your company documents required for your company's establishment and all of the financial processes after it on Workhy's platform.

Receiving Financial Documents

Your accounting transactions are followed by your financial advisors monthly. In order for us to prepare your financial statements and notify you early about your premium payments, you should upload your documents via the bookkeeping tab until the end of the 5th day of the following month at the latest.

Reminder: According to the Tax Procedure Law provisions, the original documents must be kept by the taxpayer for five years. Therefore, you need to keep your documents even if you upload them to the bookkeeping software.