How to change business address for an LLC How to change business address for an LLC

How to change a business address for an LLC

An LLC (Limited Liability Company) is an entity usually set up to allow business owners to function as a service while protecting them from any associated debts or liabilities. LLC is designed to act as a fully registered entity with protective measures to negate the risk of company owners and partners if faced with external financial obligations. Most will require a registered business address to operate from, and when changing location, whether a digital or physical premise has been secured, there is a specific process to follow. It is better to note that we will be focusing on the LLC structure and requirements to follow to change a business address. 

What is the business address for an LLC?

When registering an LLC, a dedicated address will be required to ensure that any correspondence can be mailed directly to the location. If an LLC owner wants to change business address, they must submit the relevant information where required. It’s always recommended that company owner keeps their business premises separate from their home address. There are two main reasons for this – with the first being that business and personal life should be kept separate to avoid complications.

Secondly, if the IRS decides to perform an audit of a business and it is operating from residential premises, then any and all spending habits associated with the home can also be called into question, complicating matters and adding unneeded stress to all members of the household. This is why experts advise securing a specific location for an LLC, whether an office is rented or a separate location is hired to deal with correspondence and so on.

How do I change my business address?

To change, modify or update a business address, the owner must visit the official IRS website and download the form 8822-B. This form can be used to change a registered business address and update an EIN (Employer Identification Number). Once printed and appropriately filled, the business owner can then use the address provided within the form to return the paperwork.

The processing can vary in duration when updating the information provided and can take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks. Alternatively, the form can be filled out online as long as a compatible browser has been used, with options to submit it directly via the IRS website. Some third-party providers can assist with the process or even take care of the submission on behalf of the company owner. This won’t just help to speed the process up, but it can also minimize the risk of errors occurring as these services are specialized in handling these types of forms in a way that reduces the time and effort needed by the company owner.

Whom should I notify about my LLC address change?

In most cases, splitting those needing to know of a business address change into two categories can be beneficial. The first category is those that are obliged to know, such as the IRS. The second category is those that could benefit from knowing – such as friends and family. If a property has been rented for the purpose of an LLC formation, then it’s a good idea to notify the landlord of relocation, especially if they were receiving rent from the company previously.

Any official bodies that were used to register the business will need to be told of the new location’s address so that they can update their records. Failing to do so can result in a penalty and, in extreme cases, has even led to fraud investigations being carried out, so it can be essential to ensure that the IRS is informed as quickly as possible of any changes to a physical address.

How long does an LLC address change take?

It will depend on how the business address change has been submitted, with most people needing to use the form mentioned above. Once printed, filled, and returned, the IRS can take up to 6 weeks to make the changes within their database, although most company owners report that their address was changed within a matter of weeks. There is also a hotline that can be called to check on the status of form submission, and all that will be required to find out progress is the name of the company, the owner’s identification, and other pieces of information to pass the security check overseen by the IRS.

Other factors can contribute to the duration of a business address change, including workload, the speed of delivery (when the post has been used), and if any errors are present on the form. It’s worth noting that if the form is not filled in correctly or has issues when filed, the form may be rejected, and the company owner may need to re-download the paperwork and re-file. In this case, the duration of an application is one of the reasons why so many company owners turn to third parties, such as Workhy, for assistance with submitting their forms promptly and without error.

Get your registered business address with Workhy

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