Start, run and grow your business with Workhy Start, run and grow your business with Workhy

Workhy helps you start, run and grow your business

We are excited to introduce Workhy, our global brand which aspires to help you build your dream company, manage your financial processes, and grow your business. Let us briefly explain Workhy’s mission, the countries we operate in, the services we provide, and our partnerships.

What is Workhy?

Recognizing the need for technology in terms of starting a business and financial process management, Workhy is an all-in-one platform that enables establishing companies and tracking all taxable transactions online. Following the formation of your company, we keep you updated about the administrative procedures concerning tax-related and financial matters. In addition, we offer the chance to seize global business opportunities for the growth of our members with the help of international partnerships. As a startup that tries to make the lives of entrepreneurs easier, we develop practical solutions for the potential problems that Workhy members may encounter based on our first-hand experiences.

Where we work

We want to assist entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams wherever they want, no matter where they reside. So far, we have established more than 500 companies in the US, the UK, and Europe for individuals from over 100 countries. We employ a geographically scalable business model at Workhy. We choose the countries where we will operate by conducting extensive research on the regions that offer the best opportunities for entrepreneurs in terms of e-commerce and startup ecosystems. Following the recent addition of Germany to our list, we intend to expand to other countries such as the Netherlands, Malta, Dubai, and Montenegro soon.

Additional services

Our services are not limited to company formation and financial process management. Instead, we have a wide range of services to ensure that Workhy members do not encounter problems while running and growing their businesses. Here’s what Workhy can do for you.

Online bookkeeping

You need to manage your time effectively to grow your business. We help you in doing so by providing online bookkeeping software. So, you spend less time tracking your financial transactions and focus on expanding your company.

Opening a bank account

You can open an online bank account in the country where your company is established and easily transfer money no matter where you are.

Tax ID number application

You can obtain the mandatory identification and tax numbers (e.g., EIN, ITIN, VAT, EORI, IOSS) required for you to be able to trade and operate in the country where you launched your company.

Registered business address

Suppose your company does not have a physical office in the country where it is formed. In that case, you can use one of our virtual offices as your registered business address. In this way, you can avoid additional costs and take advantage of office-related services such as mail and cargo storage.

Brand registration

You must license your company’s name and logo to prevent unauthorized use of your brand by others. Workhy allows you to protect your brand by completing the registration process at reasonable prices.

Mobile app

You can access all information regarding your company using Workhy’s mobile app. It enables you to quickly carry out the following tasks and much more:

  • Upload photos of your invoices and categorize them by type and amount,
  • Keep track of your incomes and expenses,
  • Monitor your payments,
  • Check the balance in your bank accounts,
  • View transaction history with customers and vendors.

Our global partners

Workhy provides services for you to have a seamless experience while running your business. We cover the extra needs of our members, such as online payment systems and e-commerce solutions, with strong global partnerships. We have already teamed up with industry leaders such as Mercury Bank, American Express, KPMG Spark, Wise, Brex, Quickbooks, Stripe, Amazon Web Services, and PayPal. We continue to make new connections while keeping in mind that each market has its own set of dynamics.

Set up your company with Workhy

We are always looking for ways to improve on what we do. In accordance with the fundamental nature of entrepreneurial spirit, we believe that we must be able to take risks so that we can achieve more. Workhy is a reflection of this belief. If you share the same mindset and want to make your dreams come true, do not wait any longer to start your business with Workhy.

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