How much does it cost to set up a company in the UK? How much does it cost to set up a company in the UK?

How much does it cost to set up a company in the UK?

Embarking on entrepreneurship in the UK brings excitement and practical considerations, one of the foremost being the cost of establishing a company. The financial aspect of starting a business is a critical factor that shapes the initial phases of a venture. In this blog post, we explored how much it costs to set up a company in the UK.

Cost of incorporating a company in the UK

Incorporating a company in the UK is relatively straightforward. The essential cost of registering a company with Companies House, the UK’s registrar of companies, is quite affordable. The standard fee for online registration is modest, while the same process done via postal mail might cost slightly more.

When incorporating a company, the straightforward process is a significant advantage. The basic fee with Companies House is just the tip of the iceberg. Depending on your business structure, you might need to allocate funds for additional legal services, like drafting memorandum and articles of association. These professional services ensure your business complies with all legal requirements, safeguarding it from future legal complexities.

Cost of registering a company in the UK

Apart from the incorporation fee, other expenses should be considered during registration. These include fees for professional services like legal and financial advice, mainly if your business structure is complex or you have specific legal requirements. The company registration process might also involve additional charges, such as registering for taxes and obtaining necessary permits or licenses. For example, licensing fees can add to your initial expenses if your business is regulated. Moreover, the cost of financial advice or accounting services, essential for correctly setting up your tax and accounting systems, should also be factored in.

Additional costs of starting a business in the UK


Business insurance is vital, with prices varying depending on the type of business and the level of coverage needed. This can include public liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance, and professional indemnity insurance. Different types of businesses require different insurance policies. For instance, a consulting company might need more professional indemnity insurance than a retail store, requiring more comprehensive stock and premises insurance. The cost here is highly variable, but it is essential to protecting your business from unforeseen events.


Renting office space is another significant expense. Prices vary greatly depending on the location and size. Coworking spaces offer a flexible alternative for those starting small or looking to save. The business location significantly impacts the cost for those opting for a physical office. Prime cities like London will have much higher rental costs than smaller cities or rural areas. Additionally, utility fees, business rates, and maintenance fees add to the overall expense of maintaining an office space.


Consider salaries, taxes, and National Insurance contributions when hiring employees. The cost will depend on the number of employees and their wages. Employee-related expenses extend beyond salaries. Training fees, employee benefits, pension contributions, and other HR-related expenses also contribute to the overall cost of staffing. Budgeting for these is essential to ensuring a motivated and skilled workforce.


Purchasing or leasing business equipment is another cost. Depending on your business type, this ranges from computers and office furniture to specialized machinery. For equipment, leasing can often be more cost-effective than purchasing outright, especially for expensive machinery. Additionally, consider the cost of maintenance and repairs in your budget.

Stock and inventory

Initial stock purchases can be a significant expense for retail or product-based businesses. The price depends on the nature and quantity of the products. Inventory management can also incur expenses, particularly for businesses that require large storage spaces or specialized storage conditions. Effective inventory management can help minimize these costs.


Investing in marketing and advertising is essential to attract customers. Costs can range from modest (like DIY online marketing) to significant (like professional marketing campaigns). Marketing costs include digital tools, social media advertising, and promotional materials. Combining digital and traditional marketing, a balanced marketing strategy can often yield the best results.


Creating a professional website may involve design, development, and hosting costs. Prices vary based on the complexity and features required. For web development, costs can escalate if you require custom-built functionalities or eCommerce capabilities. Additional expenses like domain renewal, website maintenance, and updates should also be budgeted.

A simple, static website might be relatively inexpensive, but the prices will be higher if your business requires online transactions or a dynamic, content-rich site. Additionally, consider investing in SEO and ongoing website optimization to ensure your online presence effectively reaches your target audience.


Registering a trademark to protect your brand can be a wise investment. The cost depends on the categories and territories in which you register. Trademark registration can be more complex if you’re planning to trade internationally. Consider the costs of international trademark registration if you plan to expand your business beyond the UK. Not only does it protect your brand identity, but it also legally secures your brand from potential infringement, which is crucial in a competitive business environment.

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